More about campus chapel:

Chapel Facebook – Locate other chapel folk at u of m and elsewhere.
The Christian Reformed Church – The denomination of campus chapel.
The Center For Faith and Scholarship – The study center to U of M of which Rolf Bouma is Director.
Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church – Campus chapel’s “little sister”.
Interfriends – Ann arbor crc’s ministry to internationals in ann arbor.
Phi Alpha Kappa – Campus chapel’s “big brother”.

Blogs worth checking out:

Chapel stuff – The blog of campus chapel.
Chapel climate change initiative – Information and resources on climate change.
Booknotes – Owner of the bookstore hearts and minds, byron borger, discusses a wide range of books. an excellent resource.
Think Christian – A blog discussing connections between faith and culture.
Jesuscreed – Theologian scot mcknight’s blog.

Podcasts worth subscribing to:

Godpod – British theologians discuss questions emailed by listeners. great guests.
Center for Excellence in Preaching – Sermons from various preachers– some good, some really good.
Institute for Christian Worship – Podcasts on a variety of worship related issues.
Speaking of Faith – Podcast of public radio program on religious matters.
Mars Hill – Rob Bell sermons.
Church of The Servant – Sermons by pastor mark’s dad and others.
NPR religion – Religion stories aired on all things considered, morning edition, etc.

Websites of people who help us understand the faith:

NT Wright – A brilliant NT scholar, author of a million great books. maybe that’s exaggerating.
Donald Miller – Author of Blue Like Jazz.
Dallas Willard – Ethicist and philosopher and author of great books like Divine Conspiracy.
Lauren Winner – Author of Girl Meets God and Real Sex: the naked truth about chastity.
Brian mclaren – Spokesperson of sorts for the emergent church, author of the Secret Message of Jesus.
other websites.
Relevant Magazine – God, life, and progressive culture (articles by rev. mark roeda, former pastor: Considering Birds and Flowers,Waiting in the Blank)
The Ooze – Similar to [relevant], more self-consciously emergent in orientation.

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