Our Community

Campus Chapel Leadership Team

In order to contribute to the sustainable organization and leadership of the Campus Chapel, the leadership team meets monthly to plan and coordinate chapel activities and address needs and concerns of the chapel community. The team is composed of members from the Campus Chapel along with the Campus Chapel pastors which acts as a representative sample of the community with involvement from both graduate and undergraduate students, non-students, and individuals with varying backgrounds and gender. The Campus Chapel Leadership Team is engaged in dialogue and intentional involvement in the following areas:


Discipleship and Worship  

Continual involvement and spiritual growth is important; therefore, the leadership team makes sure that opportunities for spiritual development are available through the chapel. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, Bible and book studies, book club, and other learning programing.
Communication and Outreach  

Retaining a visible presence in the lives of the community members as well as welcoming newcomers into community life is important at the Campus Chapel. Therefore we make an effort to send out announcements of events and chapel-related news to provide ways for members to become more involved with life at the chapel.


Creating and maintaining a friendly and warm environment is vital to community life at the chapel. In order to develop a welcoming environment, the leadership team coordinates potlucks, community dinners, after worship snacks, and social events.

Social Justice

Maintaining a presence within the Ann Arbor community is achieved through opportunities arising in social justice causes. The leadership team  coordinates efforts to serve and work for Justice through volunteering at Community Kitchen, donations from the Community Garden, Spring Break Trips, and others as they arise.